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  • Group of The Abaco Club staff posing on the golf course, reflecting the lively spirit of coastal golf club living

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The Abaco Club is part of the Southworth portfolio. We are redefining the private club community experience and we are building a world-class team—searching for the best professionals to join us. Here, you will have the opportunity to make an impact, grow your skillset, own your role, and learn every day—in a positive and supportive culture.


Join us to help cultivate a community that will grow and flourish by providing unique,
unforgettable experiences for families and future generations.


For the universe to thrive, the elements of nature – earth, air, fire, and water – need to be kept in perfect balance.
We use the same elements to represent The Abaco Club’s culture which is what makes this a unique place. We invite you to learn our culture elements and help us to keep them in balance to preserve our paradise’s infinite beauty.

A woman cheerfully participating in a culinary event at The Abaco Club, showcasing the lively community and club lifestyle


We stand firmly on who we are. Rooted in the “earth” element, we can fulfil our purpose of cultivating a community that will grow and flourish. This is what grounds us.

The Abaco Club employees celebrating with awards, embodying the community spirit and club lifestyle in the heart of The Bahamas.


We look passionately toward the future with will and determination. Our vision is the “fire” that ignites us to achieve endless growth.

Chef proudly presenting a freshly baked pizza at The Abaco Club's beachfront restaurant.


We live by core beliefs that drive our decisions. Our values are like the “air”; they are present and impactful even though we don’t see them.

a man and a woman of The Abaco Club, highlighting the serene coastal living experience in a gated community space


Water is an infinite element that flows, evolves, and purifies the surrounding environment. Like the “water,” we adjust ourselves to serve, lead the way, and interact positively with others through our service and leadership principles.


We are pursuing experienced professionals in hospitality, private club management, recreation, food service and a variety of industries related to private club community development and operations. We seek talent from a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and cultures to ensure an innovative edge.

Chef at The Abaco Club preparing a fine dish
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