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  • Crashing waves against the rugged coastline near The Abaco Club


We Take Good

The Abaco Club, along with the rest of the Southworth private community portfolio, is constantly evaluating our ongoing operations as they relate to impacts on the environment. We always want to be good stewards and protectors of this incredible land we inhabit. Our team includes a director of sustainability who is passionate about lessening our environmental footprint, reducing wasted resources and implementing innovative processes across our portfolio. It also includes adopting a “sustainability-first mindset” from the onset of any new project, development or initiative.

Aerial view of The Abaco Club's pristine beach, demonstrating the club's commitment to coastal living and water conservation


The Abaco Club relies as much as possible on annual rainwater captured by ponds and reductions in irrigation of landscape outside of the greens to make watering the greens a truly regenerative irrigation system. Reducing irrigation further allows the landscape to return to a more natural state while decreasing reliance on backup groundwater resources. Our large reverse osmosis system not only supplies clean drinking water for the entire Abaco property but also services our neighboring town of Cherokee. Our system delivers renewable clean drinking water to Cherokee and relieves pressure on limited naturally occurring freshwater resources.

Scuba divers from The Abaco Club taking care of an endangered coral


The Abaco club entered into a partnership with the Perry Institute for Marine Science and their Reef Rescue Network to create our very own Winding Bay Coral Nursery. As part of our commitment to marine conservation, this project will grow critically endangered Staghorn and Elkhorn Coral to help restore and preserve our precious ecosystem. The corals will grow in the nursery and be maintained by scuba divers. Once the corals grow large enough, they will be pruned and outplanted onto our coral reefs.


Our culinary team at The Abaco Club has made great strides in the sustainability of our restaurants and food services. We source local and organic herbs, produce and eggs from our own hydroponics garden and from Driftwood Food Company’s hydroponic farms in South Abaco. We use local and organic chickens from Abaco Big Bird Family Farm and have developed close working relationships with local fishermen to source native and seasonal seafood. Resulting waste from our food services is collected and sent to local animal farms for compost to create a truly circular food system at The Abaco Club.

Logo of Abaco Big Bird, a local farm providing natural, organic poultry to The Abaco Club's sustainable coastal living experience.
Lush greenery at The Abaco Club golf course, capturing the essence of coastal club luxury lifestyle.
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