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Club Memberships
Enjoy Paradise—on Your Terms
A world of possibilities awaits you at The Abaco Club, where there’s a club membership to suit almost everyone.

Joining the Club

When you are a member of The Abaco Club, the property becomes more than an exciting getaway destination – it becomes your home away from home. So you can enjoy each sunset, each stroll on the beach, each challenging round of golf knowing that it isn’t just a vacation – it’s a trip back to a place where you truly belong.

The Abaco Club offers a variety of membership types:

Full Membership

A Full Membership allows members of  The Abaco Club at Winding Bay access to all the club’s amenities and includes the right to bring guests, subject to applicable charges.

Discover Abaco – Trial 4-year Membership
This is a full, temporary membership that allows candidates who have lived in the Abacos since before January 1st, 2015 full access to all The Club amenities and includes the right to bring guests, subject to applicable charges. This membership is available for up to 4 years, at which time the member has the option to join as a Full Non-Resident Member for an additional one-time initiation fee. Both initiation fees are non-refundable.

International Membership

The International Membership is designed for those who do not own a home at The Club or elsewhere in The Bahamas. It includes full use of the club’s amenities, as well as the right to bring guests, subject to applicable charges. International Members are allotted 20 tee times per year, and enjoy access to club events on a space-available basis.

Sports Membership

The Sports Membership provides access to all of the club’s sports and social facilities, including the tennis courts, pool facilities, dining facilities, beach and all its amenities, as well as 6 tee times per year. Sports Members may also participate in club social events, as well as golf events, on a space-available basis.

Social Membership

Social Memberships entitle members to use all of the club’s social facilities, including dining facilities, and allow the Member to participate in all club social events.


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