Barefoot luxury in The Bahamas

How does one define luxury? At The Abaco Club on Winding Bay, luxury means coming as you are, having the freedom to do what you want when you want, and thoroughly spoiling yourself in one of the world’s most unspoiled settings. Here, surrounded by the boundless natural beauty of its own private Bahamian peninsula, The Abaco Club is the perfect antidote for modern-day life.

The Club was created to fulfill a vision—that of an international sporting club that would transcend anything the world had ever seen. Today, under the new guidance of Southworth Development, The Club is entering a new phase. One in which residents, club members and guests will see dreams come true on a daily basis, while they enjoy an array of world-class leisure amenities that can be found nowhere else.

Whether you are searching for the Bahamian home of your dreams, or wish to join a club where donning shorts and flip-flops constitutes dressing up, we cordially invite you to discover The Abaco Club.

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It happens all the time. People visit The Abaco Club, dip their toes in the clear, turquoise water, or relax by the pool as the soft Bahamian breezes escort the sun across the sky, and decide in an instant that they never want to leave. Or they vow to return — again and again. With your own private residence at the Club, it’s easily done. Residences at The Abaco Club come in several shapes and sizes, ranging from cozy cabanas and charming cottages to stately villas and grand oceanfront estates. The opportunity to own property here and make Abaco your island home-away-from-home is here today — so that you can enjoy a future filled with unforgettable tomorrows.

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The world’s first tropical links golf course is only the beginning...

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Although The Abaco Club is a private international sporting club, guests are welcome to stay on the property and enjoy its luxurious amenities when they are the guests of, or rent homes from, Club members. Each home is within steps of the Club’s pristine, white-sand beach, and each is meticulously appointed with all of life’s necessities. Wake to the sound of crashing waves, stroll to the golf course or spa, or just relax on your private deck and look out over the calm, blue-green sea while the Abaco parrots chirp their warm welcome. Here, in an atmosphere of quiet sophistication, you, your family and friends can enjoy the greatest luxury of all: total relaxation.

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Latest News

Get Up and Go to Abaco Aspect County

July 2015

Mention you are going to the Bahamas, stand back and watch the predictable reaction of friends and family as they exhibit an unattractive mix of astonished disbelief and undiluted envy. The fact that these inoffensive islands lying just off the southern tip of Florida have come to be synonymous with self-indulgence...

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Island Paradise: The Abaco Club New England Golf Monthly

July 2015

Situated on a picturesque island in The Bahamas, The Abaco Club doesn’t even have a hotel. In fact, it’s not really even a resort. It’s a private, international sporting club, where members and residents from all over the world come to escape the rigors of everyday life and kick back in a setting of unmatched luxury and beauty. But even though it’s a very private place, you can visit it and enjoy the Club as a guest.

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Building Blocks Southern New England Living

2015 Annual

There is a bit of alchemy involved in discovering beautiful properties and transforming them into luxurious, dynamic residential communities. David Southworth, founder of Southworth Development, has been successfully working that kind of magic for decades. Southworth’s current six properties, ranging in location from Cape Cod to the Caribbean, span diverse geographies but share the hallmark standards of natural beauty, resort-style living and first-class amenities.

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The Bahamas at Their Best Executive Golfer

Apr 2015

All too often, Caribbean courses are flat and featureless—or they're affiliated with big resorts that care more about cramming guests into hotel rooms than providing a first-class experience.

The Abaco Club is different. So different that it doesn't even have a hotel. That’s because, strictly speaking, The Abaco Club isn't a resort. It's an international, private sporting club.

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Partnership between Southworth Development, members spurs a revival at The Abaco Club Golfweek

Spring 2015

It’s a Wednesday at The Abaco Club, which means that it’s rib night at Buster’s , the beachside bar along Winding Bay where a local rake-and-scrape performer is putting his unique spin on old pop standards.

The good vibe at Abaco is a welcome change. The turning point came late last year, when Massachusetts-based Southworth Development partnered with some of the homeowners to buy the club. David Southworth, the company’s president, said his firm is in the process of spending $14 million to upgrade the golf course, practice area, restaurants and roads.

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Southworth Purchases The Bahamas' Abaco Club Private Air Luxury Homes

Spring 2015

David Southworth, President and CEO of Southworth Development, has had his eye on The Abaco Club on Winding Bay in The Bahamas since it was first developed a decade ago. "I just fell in love with the property. I knew the developer, and I followed it in the news," Southworth recalls. In December, he bought it.

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Paradise Found Square Mile

Mar 2015

There are two kinds of tropical getaways. The first involves checking into a 600-room [mega-resort] where sunburned vacationers jockey for position in the breakfast buffet line alongside pale casino-goers blurry eyed from a night at the tables. [Alternatively, at the Abaco Club], the focus is on leaving the stress of the modern world far behind you.

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Bahamas Bound Abode2

Feb 2015

Ever since Columbus returned home from the tropics with tales of the region's warm, gentle climate and its beautiful, natural environment, the Bahamas have been a dream destination for people from across the globe. Most come to escape the cold slap of winter, to dip their toes in crystal-clear waters, and to shed every article of clothing they can while relaxing and soaking-in the sun.

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The Lie in Winter The Grain

Feb 2015

Worlds away from the traditional resort experience, the Abaco Club at Winding Bay, in the Bahamas, provides a private enclave of tropical golf and luxury to discerning vacationers who wish to focus on natural beauty and each other, rather than crowds, reatil therapy, and even the need for a car — guests are given their own golf carts upon arrival.

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The Abaco Club Golf World

Jan 2015

It's not hard to understand why Christopher Columbus ordered his crew to drop anchor when he stumbled upon The Bahamas back in 1492.

The real question is: how did he ever convince those hardy sailors to leave? This is Paradise with a capital P.

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The Abaco Club | The Bahamas Hot Links

Jan 2015

The 453-acre club already boasts one of the Caribbean’s most highlyregarded golf courses, a seaside layout—often described as a “tropical links” — designed by Donald Steel and Tom Mackenzie. The front nineruns along the sands of Winding Bay, while the back is perched on a ridge, offering stunning views as well as strong winds.

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New Owners at The Abaco Club Abaco Life

Winter 2015

"The Abaco Club has everything money can't buy," said David Southworth, president and CEO of Southworth Development. "It's a gorgeous setting, with a well thought out master plan and a passionate membership. It's a perfect compliment to our existing properties and we look forward to taking this world-class facility to an even higher level."

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